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Discover The Terrible Children : An exceptional Restaurant in Menton

Welcome to the Terrible Children, a gastronomic gem nestled in the heart of Menton, where culinary excellence meets the enchanting atmosphere of the Côte d'Azur. Located at the top of the pedestrian street, close to the Jean Cocteau Museum, our restaurant proudly occupies the historic location of the iconic "Shell of Gold", continuing its legacy of fame. The restaurant is open non-stop (all day) during the summer.

At Terrible Children, we are committed to providing a memorable dining experience steeped in the rich local flavors and the art of Mediterranean gastronomy.

Restaurant in Menton, specialties, Fruits of the sea

Our menu is carefully crafted to celebrate the diversity of seafood, highlighting the freshness and quality of each ingredient. From delicious freshly opened oysters to juicy gambas, tasty mussels, and succulent scallops, every dish is an ode to the freshness of the sea. For an even more memorable dining experience, our terrace invites you to savor our delicacies while enjoying breathtaking views of the bustling streets of Menton. Let yourself be lulled by the gentle Mediterranean breeze as you enjoy every bite of our seafood specialties.

A Refreshing Cocktail by the Sea

And what better way to accompany your tasty dishes than with a refreshing cocktail? Come, relax, and enjoy one of our craft cocktails, prepared with care by our talented mixologist. Let yourself be carried away by the unique flavors of our creations while immersing yourself in the warm and friendly ambiance of our establishment.

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Come and discover why Terrible Children has become the unavoidable reference for seafood lovers in Menton. Book now for a culinary experience that will awaken your senses and dazzle your palate. Book now for a culinary experience that will awaken your senses and dazzle your palate.

To be is to be there. To live is to enjoy being there.
Jean Cocteau

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